CyberActive is a California corporation that was founded in 2000 and was one of the first companies to teach driver safety courses on the internet.  CyberActive offers an unparalleled suite of internet and app-based programs, including driver education for teenagers, insurance reduction programs to reorient seasoned drivers on new laws and road safety practices, and traffic school / defensive driving courses to satisfy a court order to dismiss a moving violation.  The CyberActive driver education and safety courses and the Learning & Content Management Software have been licensed to government entities, school districts, and public and private entities seeking the development, deployment, hosting and administration of specialized online driver safety education programs.  Currently, CyberActive offers programs in all 50 states, boasting over 6 million student enrollments to-date.  With the recent release of its Virtual Classroom software, CyberActive plans to expand into elective and vocational course offerings for schools and districts.  CyberActive maintains offices in Los Angeles, California, and Austin, Texas.


CyberActive’s driver safety courses create captivating user experiences that are entertaining and educational. Its courses are also fully mobile-responsive and can be accessed from any desktop, laptop, tablet or cellular device with internet access. Some of its more popular courses are also available as downloadable IOS apps. Driving safety topics are presented textually and through state-of-the art simulations, immersing users in a wide range of driving environments and allowing them to become acclimated to various conditions, such as crowded urban streets and curving rural byways. Interactive games and drills provide users with the opportunity to engage in the curriculum and absorb the lessons in a stimulating creative context. The company’s courses, programs and philosophies are rooted in the practical necessities of road safety, but they accomplish much more, instilling a sense of driver instinct and an understanding of road protocols. These courses draw users in and challenge them through compelling simulations and gaming platforms to ensure that all students are ready for the road before they even get behind the wheel.